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Franklin School Committee Policy Manual
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This manual contains the official policies of the school committee; the major regulations intended to implement policy; and certain references or "exhibit" documents that relate to policies and/or regulations, all in electronic format.

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School District Legal Status
The People and Their School District
Harassment / Discrimination
Franklin Public Schools Mission Statement
School District Goals and Objectives
No Smoking Policy
Town of Franklin By-Law Amendment 97-331
Tobacco Products
Wellness Policy
Commitment and Accomplishment
Recognition for Accomplishment
School Committee Operational Goals
Evaluation of School Committee Operational Procedures
School Committee Legal Status
School Committee Powers and Duties
School Committee Member Authority
Awarding of Diplomas
School Committee Member Qualifications/Oath of Office
School Committee Member Resignation
Unexpired Term Fulfillment
School Committee Member Ethics
School Committee Organizational Meeting
School Committee Election of Officers
School Committee Officers
School Committee Secretary
School Committee - Superintendent Relationship
Subcommittees of the School Committee
Advisory Committees to the School Committee
School Councils
School Improvement Plan
Submission and Approval of the School Improvement Plan
Conduct of School Council Business
School Attorney
School Committee Meetings
Executive Sessions
Notification of School Committee Meetings
Order of Business
Rules of Order
Voting Method
Recording of Subcommittee Minutes
Template for Subcommittee Minutes
Public Participation
Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings
School Committee Policy Development
Policy Adoption
Policy Review and Revision
Policy Manual Review Procedure
School Committee Review of Regulations
Policy Dissemination
Suspension of Policies
Administrative Decisions in Absence of Committee Policy
School Committee-Staff Communications
School Committee - Visits to Schools
Use of Electronic Communication by School Committee Members
New School Committee Member Orientation
School Committee Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops
School Committee Member Compensation and Expenses
School Committee Legislative Program
School Committee Memberships
Remote Participation Policy
Administration Goals
School Superintendent
Superintendent's Contract
Evaluation of the Superintendent
Line and Staff Relations
Administrative Council, Cabinets and Committees
Policy Implementation
Development of Procedures
School Committee Review of Regulations
Procedure Dissemination
Approval of Handbooks and Directives
Administrative Decisions in Absence of Committee Policy
Administrative Reports
School District Annual Report
Fiscal Management Goals
Annual Budget
Budget Deadlines and Schedules
Budget Planning
Budget Adoption Procedures
Budget Transfer Authority
Funding Proposals and Applications
Authorized Payroll Signatures
Bonded Employees and Officers
Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
Purchasing Authority
Bidding Requirements
Payment Procedures
Expense Reimbursements
Federal Funds Policy
Safety Program
First Aid
Emergency Plans
Emergency Closings
Safety Crisis Intervention Policy
Authorized use of School-Owned Materials
Student Transportation Policy and Eligibility
Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers
Transportation Policy Responsibilities
Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
Student Transportation Policy - Routing and Scheduling
Free and Reduced Price Food Services
Facilities Development Goals
Facilities Planning
Retirement of Facilities
Naming New Facilities
Personnel Policies Goals
Equal Employment Opportunity
Acceptable Use for Students
Acceptable use Student Agreement Grades 6-12
Acceptable Use Student Agreement Grades K - 5
Policy on Conditions of Employment
Criminal Record Information Policy
CORI Request Form
Fingerprint-based Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) Checks
Made for Non-Criminal Justice Purposes
School Committee - Visits to School
Conflict of Interest
Staff Conduct
Staff Research Projects
Gifts to Staff
Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Staff Health and Safety
Political Activities of Staff
Personnel Records
Staff Positions
Employment of Principals
Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans
Domestic Violence Leave Policy
Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays
Professional Staff Hiring
Evaluation of Professional Staff
Suspension and Dsmissal of Professional Staff Members
Tutoring for Pay
Support Staff Positions
Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
Staff Family and Medical Leave Act
Family and Medical Leave
Support Staff Probation
Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members
Negotiation Goals
Negotiations Legal Status
School Committee Negotiating Agents
Instructional Goals
Academic Freedom
School Year / School Calendar
Organization of Instruction
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Goals
Pupil Personnel Support Services Program
Alternative Programs
Curriculum Adoption
Basic Instructional Program
Physical Education
Health Education
Parental Notification Relative to Sex Education
Health Eduation (Exemption Procedure)
Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
Service Animals In Schools
Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations
Programs for Students with Disabilities
Programs for Students with Disabilities
English Language Learners
Home Schooling
Home Schooling Guidelines
Home Schooling
Alternative School
Summer School
Library Resources
Public Complaints About Instructional Materials
Instructional Materials
Textbook Selection and Adoption
Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
Library Materials Selection and Adoption
Special Interest Materials Selection and Adoption
Internet - Terms and Conditions of Use
Field Trips
Extended Field Trips
Community Resource Persons / Speakers
School Volunteers
Academic Achievement
Student Progress Reports to Parents
Promotion and Retention of Students
Evaluation of Instructional Programs
Teaching Activities / Presentations
Teaching About Controversial Issues / Controversial Speakers
Accomodation for Religious Observations
Religious Observances
Student Policies Goals
Student Policies Goals
Handbooks are Policy
Equal Educational Opportunities
Attendance Areas
Assignment of Students to Schools
Entrance Age
Entrance Age Exhibit
School Admissions
New Resident Procedures
School Admission / Residency
Student Moving Procedures
Inter-District School Choice
Student Absences and Excuses
Denial of Admission from School Attendance
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Staff Research Projects
Student Involement Decision-Making
Student Conduct
Dress Code Policy
Student Publications
Hazing Annual Report
No Smoking Policy
Town of Franklin By-Law - Tobacco Products
Pregnant Students
Hazing - Annual Statement of Acknowledgement
Student Complaints and Grievances
Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities
Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities
Student Organizations
Student Activity Accounts
Student Activity Accounts
Disposition of Student Activity Account
Community Spronsored Activities
Athletics in Public Schools
Athletics Policies During Sports Season
Interscholastic Athletics
Head Inhuries and Concussion in Extracurricular Activities
Student Discipline
Corporal Punishment
Physical Restraint of Students
Academic Suspension
Educational Services in Home or Hospital
Student Welfare
Student Insurance Program
Student Health Services and Requirements
Physical Examinations of Students
Inoculations of Students
Communicable Diseases
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) School Attendance Policy
Wellness Policy
Administering Medicines to Students
Anaphylaxis Procedure
Protocol and Guidelines for Management of Life-Threatening Food Allergies
Managing Life - Threatening Food Allergies
Do Not Resuscitate Order(DNR)/Do Not Intubate (DNI) Policy
Guidance Program
Crisis Intervention Plan
Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Policy
Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
Student Records
Student Records
Access to Students Records for Non-Custodial Parents
Student Photographs
Educational Services to Students Identified as Homeless
Electronic Device Policy
Electronic Device Policy Between Students and Staff/Teachers/Coaches
School - Community Relations Goals
School / Parent Relations Goals
School / Parent Organizations Relationships
School Committee / Administration Participation in PCC / Boosters Meetings Guidelines
Community Involvement in Decision Making
Memorial Commemorations
Non-Budgeted Funds Donation Form
Guidelines for Donations of Gifts/Memorials Non-Budeted Funds to the Franklin Public Schools
Public Gifts, Dedications and Donations
School-Based Advertising Content
News Media Relations / News Releases
Public Complaints
School Department Communication Procedure
Public Complaints About Instructional Materials
Community Use of School Facilities
Rules and Regulations
Franklin High Building Use
Facilities Rental Fee Schedule
FHS Fee Schedule
FHS Grounds Fee Schedule
Visitors to the Schools
Relations with Booster Organizations
Relations with Police Authorities
Relations with Planning Authorities
Section L: Education Agency Relation
Education Agency Relations Goals
Relations with Other Schools and School Districts
Prohibition of Loan of Textbooks to Pupils in Private Schools
Student Teaching and Administrative Internships
Franklin School Committee • 355 E Central St • Franklin MA 02038 • 508-553-4819